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Ronald Tubid Top 10 Plays of Career

2017-04-30 88 3 36,731 YouTube

A countdown of Ronald Tubid's Top 10 Plays of Career. Relive this ball handling point guard's greatest crossovers, layups, and shots from his rookie season to present day. About PBA Countdown: PBA Countdown provides opinionated lists of many different PBA Players top plays as well as other lists relating to the PBA or the game of basketball. I strive to create a a fair and unbiased list of plays but at the same time, everyone has their own opinion on lists and no opinion is right or wrong. It is worth mentioning that there is no single definition of a 'play'. For example, if someone made a nice block on defense then immediately drove down the court and posterized someone, would that be a single play? Or would the block and the dunk be two seperate plays? I try to not throw in things that are more performance related rather than plays, but sometimes the 'play' is the overall moment of something. It's just too hard to define plays but I try my best to make that differentiation when I make these countdowns. Be sure to subscribe if you like our lists and want to see more. Also, comment on what player's top 10 you want to see next! All audio & visual parts in the video are property of their respective and rightful owners. No copyright infringement intended.