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Rainbow Yoghurt - Leon Schuster - The Millenium Menace

This is the "Rainbow Yoghurt" scene from the The Millenium Menace movie by Leon Schuster and Desmond Dube. It is a true Candid Camera classic.

2009-06-25 04:57 863,287 YouTube

Leon Schuster Armpit Beef

From the South African movie, The Millennium Menace. Leon Schuster serves up 100% pure South African beef, with a particulary salty taste!

2009-01-02 04:56 175,406 YouTube

Leon Schuster - 23 Jun 2017

2017-06-23 20:22 9,342 YouTube

Robbie Wessels op Leon Schuster

2016-08-10 07:50 59,125 YouTube

Leon Schuster : Man and Maid

Another Milenium Menace classic. Leon plays a downtrodden man being bossed about by his maid in the new South Africa!

2009-06-12 05:23 247,080 YouTube