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Zintle Katikat

China to Austin TX USA for Tsiyon Tabernacle Dedication 2015

While has listeners, members and partners all over the world, we don't get many who come to visit us from China at Tsiyon Messianic Tabernacle in ...

2015-05-03 32:55 728 YouTube

Be Happy in the Last Days

Why World Conditions Must Get A Lot Worse & How You Can Overcome The Stress. The super-wealthy are sucking up all the world's wealth at an ...

2015-01-27 00:20 1,576 YouTube

United Nations, LGBT Rights, and a New World

This message is for the Righteous Remnant from all quarters of the Judeo-Christian sphere who perceive their Biblical foundations are under attack from forces ...

2015-07-07 25:06 3,257 YouTube